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It wasn’t until a bit later that the gay videos went up on the internet and boy, they came in thick and fast, and once again I couldn’t get enough of it all. I even went round a straight friend’s house one day, and even though we watched straight porn that day, he went off to his bedroom to jerk off by himself, and left me alone in the room. I imagined him lying on his bed as he stroked his heavy nut sack as he desperately stoked his cock. My own cock was rock hard in my pants as I sneaked off to the toilet. I unzipped my pants, and I heard him begin to moan in the next room, I licked a finger and shoved it my ass and imagined it was his cock. He shouted out loud, and when I knew he was shooting his load, I shot mine over the toilet.
I have so many great memories of watching gay porn, whether by myself, or with friends, that I can’t believe that I had time for anything else.
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x1When looking for straight to gay porn videos what sort of thing do you look for? Do you like a bit of one on one, orgies, bears, young, big dick, or the straight college guy that goes gay ? Or do you like it a bit dirtier, such as Pissing, Bareback, Fetish, Spanking and domination?
The internet is very much like going to a certain bar, pub or night club where they cater for certain themes. In fact, we are so lucky to be gay as we seem to have a lot more on offer to us with these sort of places than the straights of this world.
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One good thing about gay porn videos is that you don’t have to watch them by yourself if you don’t want to. You can lie in bed, or on the couch with your husband/boyfriend/partner and it can spice up your sex life. It’s fun to copy what they are doing if front of your eyes, and to see if you can cum when they do too. You could even invite a few friends around and spend the rest of the night on your hands and knees getting your tight asshole banger hard, or the other way around. You could also be naughty by inviting that straight friend around, get on the internet, and watch a gay guy seducing his best straight friend. Who knows what could happen. Keep an eye between his legs and see if his bulge gets any bigger.
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